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Initial Hospital Contact: We always seek out the CLS when we start sending totes to a hospital. Why? Their basic job description is facilitating the adjustments and helping the patient and family cope with their new life of long term care.


Once the Totes Have Been Shipped: The CLS receives the shipment of tote bags and stores them in a convenient location for future patients.


Handing Out the Totes: We put all of our confidence in the CLS at this point.  He / She knows each patient and is aware of that day when some cheering up is needed.  The CLS is free to go through the tote making sure it is appropriate for that particular patient.

Tanner’s Totes would like to specifically recognize the Child Life Specialist:  At Tanner’s Totes we rely on the Child Life Specialist (CLS) to complete the patient contact with our tote bag.


Inventory Control: The CLS is responsible for letting us know when more totes are needed either by emailing or calling.

Child Life Specialists Order Here!

If you are a CLS and would like to find out how you could start receiving totes for your teenage patients at your hospital.

The profession of Child Life was created to help children and their families navigate the emotionally and physically demanding process of coping with hospitalization. Child life specialists use their knowledge of child development and developmentally appropriate interventions to educate, prepare and support children through difficult tests, procedures and the sometimes drastic changes that happen within their families due to chronic or acute illness, treatment and recovery. As part of the health care team, child life professionals advocate for the special needs of children and their families. Child life programs provide children with opportunities to engage in normal play and recreational activities that promote growth, development and feelings of success and fulfillment. Child life professionals promote the role of parents and other family members as full partners on the health care team and promote the philosophy of patient and family centered care.

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