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Tubes for Totes

Tanner's Totes has begun a new and fun way to raise funds to help pre-teens and teenagers in long term hospital care. We are using the Mars/M&M product, Mini M&M Tubes, as our fund raising bank. We will send to your club, organization, team, school or business as many of the tubes, filled with sweet mini M&Ms, as you want. Now that you have enjoyed the sweet taste the treat provides inside, we just ask that you fill the tube up with quarters til full inside. Your group will love what this is all about. This is a group activity, so we will send out one charity receipt to that group at the end of the fund raising event. And with corporate matching gifts, who knows how much your group could raise!! So we hope you will help us? For more information contact us through this website or email us at  It's all about the patients!


Thank you.

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